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Masquerade Ball 2023


The Masquerade is our annual, signature event, returning Saturday November 18th from 6 PM.

Tickets are available now: https://effimaris.com/e/S3Z

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Open Bar – Dance Space – Lounge 2 floors / multi-room / sweeping decor. Gorgeous costumes, art, dance floor, chill space, ambivert design

Come dressed in costume or in formal wear, of any era… fictional or otherwise. Masks encouraged. Since this is a ball, consider being THE MOST FABULOUS AND EXTRA POSSIBLE.


However, there is no dress code. You may arrive dressed as you please; we encourage you to be creative and to be yourself. The venue and activities are designed to make it easy to meet new people, make friends, and renew old friendships.

2 floors + Multi-room layout for seamless party, interactive, and chill areas.

Gorgeous costumes, art, dancing, insane decor and… a modestly suspect and curious remark about “…More.”


2023 Themes

Every year we pick a theme to inspire us in the decor.

This year’s theme is CARNIVAL OBSCURA. Every era is open to your re-interpretation: victoriana steampunk to neon escapism, romanesque mythic or far future exotica.

Your costumes are welcome to be fabulous, unique, creative, exceptional; and you may find that no matter what your costume is, it will delight at least one person and probably many.

From the sinister to the sensual, anything is possible at the CARNIVAL.

Of course, you can dress in whatever you feel like, including your regular comfy PJs if you desire.


Past event – shot of lower room

What is this event about

An inclusive social event that celebrates creativity, interaction, and participation.

This event is about making new friendships and renewing old ones, and building a community around art in a way that appeals to introverted and extroverted people alike.

Across the two floors of the venue, the event setting will range from dancing to bar to lavish private lounge. You’ll find plenty of quiet space for chatting, interacting with and enjoying cocktails peacefully, with nooks to watch the action from a distance. You’ll be served delicious snacks and, perhaps, make a cool art.

There’ll be a lounge zone filled with pillows, fans and air-conditioned spots to relax in, art displays and photo space, and interactive art and entertainment.

Notice: All Details of the Event Subject to Change at a Goblin’s Whim.


Not-For-Profit & Non-commercial: Yellow House Masquerade Society

The masquerade ball is our signature, annual event, is a decommodified and non-profit event built for YOU. As a Not-For-Profit Art Society, we exist to host and enjoy participation-driven community art events, and all revenue from the membership sales goes toward hosting the event and making art.

Make the event better by being involved by getting involved with a considerate, passionate crew. We can always use help decorating, planning, making food, or even just being present and engaging with people at the event.

Because you are undoubtedly fabulous, we suggest you bring your own cup.

Past Costumes have involved creative mishaps with boats.

Some Rules

Be respectful, be gracious, be kind. Everyone is here to have fun.

Respect the venue.

Do what you can to make others feel welcome, included, and free to express themselves. Consent is important, even for hugs. Take responsibility for your self-care, express and respect your boundaries and the boundaries of others, and help others who need it.

Leave the place cleaner than you found it.

Past Attendees

Costume Contest

We will be running a photobooth and costume contest for your entertainment.


I want to help out, where do I sign up?

Doing a small amount of volunteer work is a great way to meet new people and experience the event. There’s also number of volunteer shifts in 60 minute increments where you can help.

Plus, volunteer crew are also invited to Valhalla. That’s a good thing.

Join the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/821825814658825 and contact the organizers for details, or send a message to us at yhmasqueradesociety@gmail.com . It’s a big crew and there’s a lot of fun to be had.


Can I bring gear, flow toys, face paint or other art?

Sure. There will probably some impromptu jamming and a side stage will also be open. There will be a coat check to stow your stuff when you don’t need it anymore.

Flow toys in motion


How can I contact the organizers?

Send us an email to yhmasqueradesociety@gmail.com or

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/821825814658825



Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. Enter with ID; due to liquor licence and open bar, the event is 19+.


Past attendees next to mirror


Is the event accessible?

There is a mobility elevator that connects between the ground floor and the lower floor suitable for usage by an individual in a wheelchair. The main entrance has a ramp.

The stage has no ramps.


What should I expect for food?

We will largely be providing light snacks.

Can I bring my own food?

Of course!


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

We are quite close to the Waldorf and Strathcona Park, so if you have been there, you’ll be familiar with navigating the neighborhood. There’s no streetside parking at the venue, so find a nearby parking lot, use public transport, or a cab and you should be fine. The SFU rapid bus stops quite near to the event.


Who are the organizer memberships for? Should I get one?

They’re for anyone helping out with the event either in planning or volunteering on-site. As a community event for friends, the organizers are paying for their own tickets in order to make this event possible.

If you’re not a member or volunteer yet, you probably would like to grab just the regular membership instead.



I bought a membership but can’t come anymore. Can I transfer my admission to the event?

This event will sell out. Not only can you transfer, we encourage you to do so that more of the people who missed out on memberships can come.

Past attendee catches a glimpse in a mirror


Is it ok if the name on my membership doesn’t match the person who attends?

Contact the organizers if you have any questions at yhmasqueradesociety@gmail.com or




Do you have low income tickets available for groups in need?

Yes, we’ve reserved a limited number of low-income spots based on our budgeting. Contact the organizers directly.



I won’t be drinking at the event, how does this impact the open bar?

We will have a lot of non-alcoholic beverages, juices and mocktails available. Many of the organizers don’t drink or won’t be drinking at this event, so we get it and hope you’ll be pleased with the selection we have.

We can also handle memberships for designated drivers, just get in touch with the organizers to ask directly.

Past Decor Installations


What kind of dietary restrictions will you support for food?

We’ll have gluten free and dairy free options available from a separate serving stand on a different floor that was prepared in a separate kitchen. Vegan and vegetarian friendly options will be available. We cannot guarantee no cross-contamination. As some of the organizers also have the above dietary needs, we’ll be doing our best.